Information exchange with Print Archive Network

On Friday, January 19th, EPICo participated for the second time in the Print Archive Network (PAN) Midwinter webinar. PAN was established by the Center for Research Libraries and regularly promotes opportunities for libraries and consortia to share information, expertise, and best practices for the cooperative strategic management of print holdings.

Wolfgang Mayer from Shared Archiving Austria updated around changes to EPICo since its foundation in 2015, while Andy Appleyard from the British Library gave updates about the new British Library storage facility to be built on the outskirts of Leeds, and Santi Balagué presented his organisation GEPA, the Catalan Shared Print Collaboration, and announced the 2nd EPICo (=8th Kuopio) Conference in Barcelona this September. Presentations are available and will soon be archived within the EPICo repository (hosted by University of Vienna).