About EPICo

EPICo (European Print Initiatives Collaboration) is an informal network with the aim of keeping important printed library materials available in a time of pressure on library spaces and increasing use of electronic material.

In Europe there are several national or regional initiatives to preserve and archive print research material for the user of today and the user of the future.

These initiatives include repository libraries for the storage of print material, and collaborative journal preservation programmes.

News & Stories



Announcing the 2nd EPICo (8th Kuopio) Conference 2024 in Barcelona

EPICo, the European Print Initiatives Collaboration network, will hold its 2nd EPICo (8th Kuopio) Conference in Barcelona, Spain, on the 25-27 September 2024 at the […]

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Model for optimum number of print monographs in shared collections

A recent study conducted by Bogus, Arai Yano, Zachary et al in the USA has considered the optimum number of print monographs to ensure long […]

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Mission Statement

“We believe that a comprehensive and robust research and information infrastructure is essential for Europe’s wellbeing, now and in the future.

We are concerned that, at a time of unprecedented change in the ways information is collected, stored and disseminated, there is a real danger that some of the important printed resources in our European libraries may be at risk.

In view of this we intend to initiate a number of plans.”

Current Members

Andy Appleyard (GB), Santi Balagué i Linares (ES), Chris Banks (GB), Frédéric Brodkom (BE), Jonny Edvardsen (NO), Olaf Eigenbrodt (DE), Claudius Herkt-Januschek (DE), Brigitte Kromp (AT), Wolfgang Mayer (AT), Ulrich Niederer (CH), Guillaume Niziers (FR), Ophélie Ramonaxto (FR), Helen Sakrihei (NO), Dorothea Sommer (DE), Theo Stubbs (GB), Daniel Tschirren (CH), Pentti Vattulainen (FI), Johanna Vesterinen (FI), Bert Zeeman (NL), Robert Zepf (DE)

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