Kuopio Conference

Kuopio Conference Background

From 1980 to 2003 IFLA had a core programme, Universal Availability of Publications. This programme had published a book called National Repository Plans and Programmes. This publication inspired the creation of the first Kuopio Conference in Finland in 1999.

The first five Kuopio Conferences were hosted at the National Repository Library in Kuopio, focusing on the need for efficient management of low-use printed research material. The Kuopio Conference was first held outside Finland in 2018 when it was held in Basel, Switzerland, and the next session will be in Barcelona in 2024. These conferences will now be held across Europe, but will continue to focus on guaranteeing and preserving access to print material within the evolving context and changing priorities of academic and national libraries across Europe.

8th Kuopio Conference, 25th-27th September 2024 in Barcelona, Spain

  • University of Barcelona and Consorci de Serveis Universitaris de Catalunya (CSUC) will be hosting the next Kuopio Conference from Wednesday 25th to Friday 27th September 2024.

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7th Conference, 2022

'Review and Renew: Collection Management Policies in a Digital Age'

Vienna, Austria

7th-9th September 2022

Presentations by conference speakers can be viewed at University of Vienna's repository

6th Conference, 2018

"A Matter of Trust. Cooperative Print Storage and Shared Archiving Initiatives"

Basel, Switzerland

14th to 16th March 2018

5th Conference, 2015

"Aligning Commercial and Public Document Repositories to Facilitate Free and Sustainable Information"

Kuopio, Finland

21st to 22nd May 2015

4th Conference, 2012

"Global Policies, Imperatives and Solutions for the Efficient Library Collection Management and Access to Less Used Documents"

Kuopio, Finland

9th to 10th August 2012

IFLA preconference to IFLA 2012 in Helsinki. Sponsored by IFLA sections on Acquisition and Collection Development and Serials and Other Continuing Resources.

Proceedings: O'Connor, S. (ed.). (2013) Special Issue: Kuopio: Third [sic] International Conference on Repository Libraries. Library Management. 34 (4/5)

3rd Conference, 2009

"The Universal Repository Library and Guarantees for the Sustainability of Digital Copy"

Kuopio, Finland

29th to 30th October 2009

Sponsored by IFLA sections on Acquisition and Collection Development  and LIBER (The Ligue des Bibliothèques Européennes de Recherche).

2nd Conference, 2004

"Preserving and Maintaining Availability of Print Material. The Role of Repository Libraries"

Kuopio, Finland

13th to 15th May 2004

Proceedings: O'Connor, S. (ed.). (2005) Special Issue: Repository print libraries: Vital strategies in the digital world. Library Management. 26 (1/2)

1st Conference, 1999

"Solving Collection Problems Through Repository Strategies. The Economics of Repository Libraries."

Kuopio, Finland

9th-11th May 1999

Proceedings: Pauline Connolly (ed.): "Solving Collection Problems Through Repository Strategies". Boston Spa, IFLA Offices for UAP and International Lending, 1999. ISBN 0-95324394-X